74th International Astronautical Congress

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About IAC 2023

1. Who is the organizer of the 74th IAC?

The organizer of the International Astronautical Congress is the International Astronautical Federation, and this year’s edition will be hosted by Azercosmos, Space Agency of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In 2023, the global space community will convene in Baku for the second time exactly 50 years after Baku hosted the 24th IAC and became the first and the only city in the region to do so.

2. Where will the Congress be held?

The IAC 2023 will be held at the Baku Convention Complex, representing an exquisite combination of the award-winning Heydar Aliyev Center, spaceship-like contemporary Baku Convention Center and Exhibition Pavilion to be assembled right between these two architectural gems.

For more details at this page.

3. Why should I participate at the IAC?

Held annually, the IAC brings together leading space players from around the world as the biggest event of the global space industry.

IAC 2023, in its turn, will offer a chance to join a vast network of like-minded people passionate about everything-space, establish close cooperative ties with prospective partners, and achieve visibility on a global scale through extensive sponsorship opportunities.

4. Where can I find the full programme of the IAC 2023?

You may visit this page to see the full programme of the Congress, including the timeline for associated events.

5. What is included in the Technical Programme of the IAC 2023?

Technical Programme of the 74th IAC entails a wide variety of thought-provoking topics from different aspects of human spaceflight to orbital sustainability in debris-dominated space environment.

Get acquainted with the full content here.

6. Can I participate at the associated events of the IAC 2023?

Some of the associated events are open to all the registered delegates. These include IAF Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Lab, Educators Professional Development Workshop, The IAF IDEA “3G” Diversity Activities as well as IAF Science and Academic Day.

IAA Activities, IISL Moot Court, UN-IAF Workshop, Space Generation Congress, IAC Hosts Summit and IAF International Meeting for Ministers and Members of Parliaments can be attended by invitation only.


Registration for IAC 2023

1. How can I register for the 74th International Astronautical Congress?

Please refer to this page for all the registration details to create your profile and proceed with the next stages on your personal cabinet, including the payment of registration fee and travel arrangements.

2. Who can I contact in case of any issues regarding my registration?

If you have face any challenges or require any assistance, you may contact the IAC 2023 Registration Team.

3. When does the early bird registration end for the Congress?

Early bird registration will continue until June 14th.

4. Can we register for the Congress as a group?

Yes, it is possible to register for the Congress as a group. You need to fill in the file provided on the registration page and send it to the e-mail address of group-reg@iac2023.org.

5. When will I receive registration confirmation?

Once you make the full payment, you will receive an e-mail confirming your registration with an e-ticket attached.

6. When should I make the full payment for my registration to be confirmed?

You need to make the full payment within 2 weeks of registration in order to have your participation at the Congress confirmed.

7. When and where can I obtain my accreditation card?

Once you make the full payment, you will receive confirmation e-mail with an e-ticket attached. You are kindly asked to present this ticket at the Congress venue to obtain your accreditation card. You need to introduce the invitation letter too if you have requested one.

Please note that showing your ID/passport at the entrance is required to access premises at this stage.

8. What are the payment methods for registration fee?

You can pay the registration fee either via bank transfer or by card. Details for bank transfer will be provided in the e-mail of payment order/registration overview we will send as soon as you create your profile here by providing all the required information.

As for payment with card, you can realize this easily on the above-mentioned profile that will be available upon registering.

Sponsorship and Exhibition

1. What are the main sponsorship packages

There are 4 main sponsorship packages, and these include Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze packages. Each of the packages has specific opportunities you can enjoy as an official sponsor. For more information, please refer to this page.

2. Can I obtain opportunities outside the 4 sponsorship packages?

Besides the sponsorship packages, you are offered “A la carte” opportunities as well, consisting of a variety of options to increase your visibility within special areas & branding, sponsor catering of coffee breaks, breakfast or luncheon sessions, place advertisements on publications, have your name heard at special events & receptions, and much more. Get acquainted with each section of these benefits here.

3. What additional benefits will I be provided as an official sponsor?

In case you opt for any of the 4 main packages, you will be granted special benefits in addition to the main sponsorship value. These vary from complimentary exhibition spaces in a prime location to VIP access to the Opening Ceremony, as well as tickets to Gala Dinner, cultural tours and social events free of charge.

4. Will I need to register for the Congress if I am an official sponsor?

You will not need to register for the congress once you purchase a sponsorship package as these packages include complimentary full-access registration passes, and their quantity depend on the package you choose.

5. Is there any discount on the cost of the booth space for the IAF Members?

Yes, we do offer the price of booth space with a 15% discount for the IAF Members.

6. What are the rules on the allocation of the exhibition space?

Exhibition space will be allocated on a “first come, first served” basis, and priority is given to Anchor, Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze sponsors in the mentioned order.

Travel Arrangements

1. Where can I make my travel arrangements?

Once your registration is completed, a section under the title “Accommodation, Flights & Tours” on your personal cabinet will lead you to our partner booking platform. Bringing together a wide variety of options for hotels, flight itineraries and tours, this platform will be your focal point to plan your trip hassle-free.

2. Do you provide any assistance in making travel arrangements for groups?

Please contact our Hospitality team for group bookings if you have any questions or need any assistance.

3. Are there any COVID-19 rules to enter Azerbaijan?

As of 28 March 2023, all the COVID-19 restrictions to enter Azerbaijan have been lifted.


1. Do I need a visa to travel to Azerbaijan?

At the moment, a mutual visa-free regime is being applied between the Republic of Azerbaijan and 11 countries, while citizens of 13 more countries can receive visa upon arrival. You can also opt for an e-visa if you are a citizen of an eligible country.

Choose the country you are travelling from here, and see what kind of visa is required for your trip to Azerbaijan.

2. How can I apply for an e-visa?

You may obtain an e-visa through "ASAN Visa" system minimum 3 working days before your visit.

The expiry date of your passport or other travel document should be 3 months more than the validity period of the e-visa planned to be issued.

3. How long will my e-visa be valid, and what is the duration of stay allowed in the territory of the Republic of Azerbaijan?

Your e-visa will be valid for 90 days, and your stay must not exceed 30 days.  

4. How can I obtain an invitation letter to apply for a visa?

When registering, you will be asked if you need a letter of invitation for your visa application. Please select “yes” and provide your passport number. We will send the letter to the e-mail address provided in your personal information while registering.

Flying to Baku

1. How well-connected is Baku to the rest of the world?

Thanks to its ideal location at the crossroads of East and West, Azerbaijan is easily accessible from a variety of destinations worldwide. Today, 21 airlines are operating flights from and to Azerbaijan, with more than 218 weekly flights connecting Baku to more than 36 cities across the globe.

2. Are there any discounts on airfares for the Congress delegates?

Official airlines of the Congress, Azerbaijan Airlines and Turkish Airlines, as well as other major international carriers such as Lufthansa and LOT Polish Airlines offer special discounts for flights to Baku.

You can choose the most convenient itinerary and price on our partner booking platform with a 24/7 online concierge service at your disposal.

Staying in Baku

1. Where can I stay during the Congress?

There is a wide range of accommodation options in Baku varying from luxurious 5-star hotels and authentic boutiques to budget 3-star hotels with impeccable hospitality and iconic views.

Find all the offers with special discounts on our partner booking platform.

2. What is Youth Accommodation about, and what are its benefits?

Youth Accommodation is an accommodation offer prepared specifically for students and young professionals registering for the IAC 2023. Located just 10-minute car drive from the Congress venue, this residential area is offered for only 29 EUR per night.

Make sure to reserve your spot now as this offer is accessible on a first come first serve basis. Check the eligibility criteria and apply here.

Social and Technical Tours

1. What are the social tours planned for the Congress delegates?

We offer an extensive and entertaining program for the Congress participants and guests to explore some of the most prominent sights and aspects of Azerbaijan. Involving UNESCO-listed landmarks and unique landscapes as well as delicious local cuisine, social tours will be an unforgettable part of your IAC experience.

Find the full list here.

2. Will there be any technical tours organized for the Congress delegates?

There will be two technical tours organized within the 74th IAC. One will take you into the heart of Azerbaijan’s satellite operations at the Main Satellite Ground Control Station of Azercosmos, and the other will familiarize you with The National Aviation Academy of the Azerbaijan Airlines established in 1992.

Get acquainted with more details about each one here.