74th International Astronautical Congress

32 days 05 hours 48 minutes

before the start of the conference

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Sponsorship Opportunities

Why Sponsor?

With a large number of sponsorship opportunities, the IAC 2023 will be a great occasion to showcase your brand either you want to get your name heard or strengthen your position within the space industry. Hurry to become a part of this magnificent event as an official sponsor and get an exclusive access to a large array of instruments within various packages to gain a great publicity.

Sponsorship packages

À La Carte Sponsorship Opportunities

Special Areas & Branding

Congress Lanyards*   1 opportunity 
Congress Badges*   1 opportunity 
Congress Bags*   1 opportunity 
Delegates Lounge(s) and Charge Bar Sponsor   1 opportunity 
Congress App Sponsor   1 opportunity 
IAF Members Lounge Sponsor   1 opportunity 
Promotional Material in the Congress Bags   Multiple opportunities 
Writing Pads and Pens   1 opportunity 
Volunteers T-Shirts   1 opportunity 
Branded Recycling Bins   1 opportunity 
Big Screen Advertisement   Multiple opportunities
Moot Court Competition and Other IISL Activities   Multiple opportunities
Speakers Preparation Room   1 opportunity 
Press Room   1 opportunity 
Water Fountains & Individual Reusable Water Bottles    1 opportunity 
*only available if no Anchor sponsor is identified


Coffee Service 1 Day   Multiple opportunities 
Coffee Service 7 Days   Multiple opportunities 
IAC Hosts Summit and Lunch   Multiple opportunities 
VIP/Speakers Luncheon   2 opportunities 
Industry Luncheon   1 opportunity
IAF IDEA "3G+" Diversity Luncheon   1 opportunity
Science and Academic Luncheon   1 opportunity
Industry Breakfast   1 opportunity
IAF IDEA "3G+" Diversity Breakfast     1 opportunity
Science and Academic Breakfast   1 opportunity


IAC Final Programme Back Cover     Multiple opportunities 
FP Inside Front Cover   Limited opportunities 
FP Inside Back Cover   Limited opportunities 
FP Full Page Advertisement   Multiple opportunities 
FP 1/2 Page Advertisement   Multiple opportunities 
FP 1/4 Page Advertisement   Multiple opportunities 
IAC Online Proceedings   1 opportunity

Special Events & Receptions

IPMC Young Professionals Workshop     Multiple opportunities 
Young Professionals (YP) Networking Events     3 opportunities 
Educators Professional Development Workshop     Multiple opportunities 
GNF Short Event (30 mins)   Multiple opportunities 
GNF Medium Event (45 mins)   Multiple opportunities 
GNF Long Event (1 hour)   Multiple opportunities 
Interactive Presentations Sessions, Award Ceremony and Cocktail Reception     Multiple opportunities 
Opening Ceremony   1 opportunity
Welcome Reception   1 opportunity
Gala Dinner   1 opportunity

Reach Out to Become a Sponsor

For any questions and inquiries about sponsoring the IAC 2023, detailed information about available packages and other sponsorship opportunities, as well as benefits and advantages, feel free to contact us at sponsor-exhibit@iac2023.org